Saturday, August 23, 2008

Washington never wounded

George Washington as a 22 yr. old aide to British General Braddock had 2 horses shot from under him and had his cloak and hat shot through in the French and Indian War. As leader of the Continental Army in the Revolution, he was exposed to musket volleys while on horseback multiple times and never hit. At the battle of Brandywine, a British officer, Major Patrick Ferguson , who invented an exceedingly accurate rifle , was on patrol at dusk on the last day of the battle.Ferguson, who was on foot spotted an American officer on horseback less than 100 yards away. Ferguson took aim with his rifle, and most certainly could have struck his target.But he did not shoot,as he recounted later,for the American officer looked at Ferguson and calmly and casually let his horse walk away.Ferguson said he simply could not shoot such a man.The American on horseback was Washington,who went through 6 years of war never wounded.He died in his bed at Mt. Vernon 18 years after the war ended.Ferguson was killed,on horseback, 2 years after he aimed at Washington, by American muskets and rifles at the Battle of Kings Mountain.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Alexander the Great's Horse

Alexander,the Greek conqueror,showed great grief when his horse died.Hephaestion,being ill,was put on a strict diet,but in the absence of his physician at the theater he ate a roasted fowl and drank a flagon of iced wine,in consequence of which he died.Thereupon Alexander decided upon a display of grief.He had the physician crucified.He ordered every horse and mule in Persia to be shorn,and pulled down the battlements of the neighboring cities.He prohibited all music in his camp for a long time,and,having taken certain villages of the Cusaeans,he caused all the adults to be massacred as a sacrifice to the manes of Hephaestion.Finally,he set aside the enormous amount of ten thousand talents for a tomb for his beloved horse.

Friday, August 8, 2008

German Brewery in China

In the late 1800s,the German Empire under Kaiser Wilhelm II was searching the globe for additions to the empire.Latecomers to the imperial game,the Germans seized parts of coastal China.One such colony was the district of Tsing-tao.German colonists moved in and established trading stations,factories,and farms.They established a brewery to make the national German favorite,beer.The local Chinese took a liking to the fermented brew,and the brewery flourished until 1918,when after the German defeat in World War I Germany was stripped of all her colonies.The Germans in Tsing-tao left,but the local Chinese continued to run the brewery,which to the present day continues to produce genuine German lager beer.