Monday, June 30, 2008

Captain Cook and Captain Bligh

William Bligh,of Mutiny on the Bounty fame,was sailing master on the last voyage of James Cook,who discovered New Zealand,Hawaii,and many Pacific islands.Bligh was on ship when Cook was killed by natives on Hawaii.Later,the idea was had by the British to sail to Tahiti to obtain breadfruit saplings to take to British-held islands in the Carribean to plant as a foodsource for populations working the plantations.The story is known of the Bounty,and how Bligh and some non-mutineers were cast adrift on the open ocean and survived to return to England.The men who took the Bounty found an uncharted island,Pitcairn Island,and burned the ship.Finally after 30 years after the mutiny an American whaling ship stumbled upon Pitcairn Island and found one man from the original mutineers,John Adams.

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